AXIOM Fitness is excited to announce some updates to our group exercise classes! Get Fit Boot Camp is no longer! These classes will be renamed METABOLIC CONDITIONING and TOTAL BODY STRENGTH. The days of boot camp are coming to an end so we are staying ahead of the curve. You are now entering the world of group training and conditioning. We needed to cancel all future class reservations to make the new schedule. This is the only way it could be done. We appreciate you taking the time and effort scheduling your classes ahead of time. You can reschedule your classes by 7pm Tuesday 1/10/12. We appreciate your understanding.

For those of you enrolled into the Youth Athlete Development Program we canceled the 3pm classes.

We switched to this format to give you more insight and preparation for the class. We need to have a balance between high intensity and strength training. This will also allow you to show up more than 2-3 times per week. We want everyone to be able to get 2 Metabolic Conditioning classes and 2 Total Body Strength classes in each week.

What can you expect at these classes:

Metabolic Conditioning (MC): The focus for this class will be similar to the boot camp style workouts you have become accustomed too. These classes will be high energy, lots of moving, heart rate will jump up and down, burn lots of calories,and you should sweat a lot 🙂

Total Body Strength(TBS): The focus for this class is to load the body with heavy weight, low reps for each exercise, & longer rest periods. Basically the exact opposite of MC. TBS will train the muscle to adapt & grow more rapidly. We need muscle growth in order to raise your resting metabolic rate (burn more calories doing nothing). Each TBS class will end with a Metabolic Finisher. This will rev up your metabolism and make sure you get the most out your workout.

We are truly excited to be able to offer the best in training and conditioning. Stay tuned to the next AXIOM University email this week where I will dive deeper in to the explanation of MC and TBS.

Train Hard! Eat Smart!