To Be Lean or Not To Be Lean…It’s Your CHOICE!

July 6, 2012

Eat Clean, Be Lean
To Be Lean or Not To Be Lean…It’s YOUR CHOICE!
If you have been reading my emails about our ECBL Challenge then you know the opportunity is for the taking to final get the lean, strong body you desire!
This challenge is perfect for ACTION-TAKERS who once and for all want to take control of how they look and feel!
Are you that person?
Still not sure if the ECBL Challenge is for you?
Then, I ask you to come Saturday 7/7 at 9am to learn how it will all work!
Seeing is BELIEVING! Owe it to yourself to make a step in the right direction and decide for yourself once you understand what it takes to Be LEAN!
Send us an email to axiomhealthfitness@gmail to let us know you will be attending!
Eat Clean, Be Lean 6 Week Challenge!
It’s all about how you look and feel!
No need to fear the scale on weigh-in day because your success will be shown by your BEFORE and AFTER pictures!
Pictures Don’t Lie…Seeing is Believing!
Proof in the program and your commitment to eating clean and giving 100% effort in our group training classes will yield the body your desire!
Photos will be produced by Black Dog Studios to ensure you look your best!
This is not your ordinary weight loss challenge!
If you are ready to make a COMMITMENT and TRUST in us then this ECBL Challenge is for YOU!
Eat Clean, Be Lean Challenge Kicks Off SATURDAY JULY 7TH @ 9:00AM.

During the kick off you will have your before picture and measurements. We will teach you the power of the proven food plan that will get you lean is rapid time!
Cost: Non-members & trial members: $347.00  Members: FREE!
Send us an email:

Subject: Sign me up for the ECBL Challenge!

The time is now to get the body you desire!!!
Luke, John, and Shelly
AXIOM Health & Fitness

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