AXIOM University : Metabolic Finishers

February 12, 2012

Why Metabolic Finishers?

As you may or may not know, interval training is far superior to “steady-state” cardio for
fat loss. If you don’t know what interval training is, it’s basically short bursts or
intense exercise followed by active recovery. For example, on a stationery bike,
you would increase the resistance (or level if you will) pumping your legs and
effort for 30 seconds, followed by 60 secs of going at a casual pace for recovery
with little to no resistance. This can be anywhere from 6-15 rounds, depending
on the fitness level, goals, etc.,etc. I won’t bore you with the geeky, science stuff,
but I promise you… interval training kicks long cardio in the butt. Plus, it’s much
faster. Would you rather do 15 minutes of cardio, or an hour? Yeah, I thought so.

What is the purpose of intervals or Metabolic Finishers?

When it comes to fat loss, diet is the #1 factor, hands down. If your nutrition is
not in order, than you’re not going to experience good results, now matter how
awesome the program is. With your nutrition in place, a solid exercise program
along with intervals or “finishers” will allow you to shed fat at a good pace. That’s
not my opinion. It’s scientifically proven. Again… no geeky science stuff. But
the bottom line is that if you hop on the treadmill and watch episodes of Three’s
Company for an hour, you’re not going to burn nearly as many calories as
interval training. Let me explain. But first, did you see that episode where
something was misunderstood and they had to hide stuff? That was a good one.

If you were to compare caloric burn of steady-state cardio for an hour with
interval training (say 15 minutes for example), on paper, it looks like steady-state
cardio wins. But here’s the deal: Steady-state cardio doesn’t do a lot once you
are done. Intervals, however, have been scientifically shown to help you burn fat
for hours upon hours after you do it. So, you get a better return on your
investment as far as time. Plus, you save around 45 minutes! There is also research that shows that steady-state cardio can increase your appetite.
Talking about a poor choice of exercise… just sayin’.

But wait, it even gets better. What if we did “interval” training with exercises?
What if we have “recovery periods”, along with bodyweight movements or even
resistance exercise for that matter? Would we burn even more calories? Yep.
You guessed right. A good example is doing intervals on the treadmill. What are
we working? We’re working legs. But the upper body is not getting much
stimulation. So, what if we supersetted push-ups with body squats, followed by
some rest? We not only have “interval training”, but we are working more
muscle, thus giving us more of a caloric burn. Nice, huh?

This is why at AXIOM we use Metabolic Finishers. So, on your strength days add Metabolic Finishers at the end of your workout to keep the fat burning torch hot! Also, replace your long boring cardio sessions with interval training or Metabolic Finishers. You will preserve muscle, keep your appetite at bay, and cut your time in the gym. Finally, Metabolic Finishers are great for when your crunched for time or your looking for an off day workout.

So here are some Metabolic Finishers you can try out today:

Treadmill Sprint/Bicycle Crunches:
Sprint for 30 sec on treadmill
Followed by bicycle crunches for 30 sec
Do this for 10-15 minutes with as little rest as possible.

The Lunge and Lungs:
Do the following circuit twice, resting for 60 secs between supersets
1A) Run or use any cardio equipment at a pace or level that you can only sustain
for 1 minute (if doing a bike, please use the resistance and not speed… this will
prevent overuse injury in the hip flexors)
1B) Bodyweight Walking Lunges (10 ea – 20 total), rest 20 secs
1C) Run or use any cardio equipment at a pace or level that you can only sustain
for 2 minutes
1D) Bodyweight Walking Lunges (10 ea – 20 total), rest 20 secs
1E) Run or use any cardio equipment at a pace or level that you can only sustain
for 1 minute
1F) Bodyweight Walking Lunges (10 ea – 20 total)

The Mountain:
Do the following 4 times, resting for 30 secs between sets. Do it as follows:
Set 1 = 40 ea
Set 2 = 30 ea
Set 3 = 25 ea
Set 4 = 20 ea
1A) Mountain Climbers (40 ea, 30 ea., 25 ea, 20 ea)

Make it easier
Set 1 = 20 ea
Set 2 = 15 ea
Set 3 = 10 ea
Set 4 = 5 ea
You can adjust the # of reps based on your fitness level (this might take some

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