Youth Athletes: Come Experience What It Is Like To Be An AXIOM Athlete!

December 17, 2010

We have a special offer for all youth athletes (12-18 years old) who want to dominate the playing field. Discover how to increase speed, agility, strength, and flexibility For only $25!

We are confident our youth athlete development program will improve your athlete, but talk is cheap!

That’s why we want to prove it to you!

So, during winter break is the perfect time to test drive our program.

Training Schedule: (All sessions are 50 minutes. Only 10 athletes per time slot)

Monday 12/27
1pm, 2pm, or 3pm

Tuesday 12/28
1pm, 2pm, or 3pm

Wednesday 12/29
1pm, 2pm, or 3pm

Thursday 12/30
1pm, 2pm, or 3pm

Athletes can come every day to get the full experience!

Our youth athlete program is geared towards the serious athlete. We want athletes who are dedicated and passionate to their sport!

This opportunity is only available to the first 20 athletes who sign up!

Again, only 10 athletes per time slot so reserve your time today!

Please give us a call at 262.781.0418 to reserve your spot.

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