Train like this for life and sport!

March 25, 2010

Yesterday morning I felt the need to share with you how I workout! Like all of you I share the same struggles to motivate myself to consistently eat well and workout on a consistent basis. I want to let you know that we understand health and fitness is not an easy task.  That’s why we are here to help you make fitness a part of your life!

Youth and adults hire us for many reasons whether it be they need to be motivated, inspired, pushed, supported, educated, prevent injury, improve athletic performance etc. There is no guaranteed method to become fit! Becoming healthy & fit is a process! What we will guarantee is to always be honest and upfront with the current state of your health & fitness! We will determine together what prevents you from living a healthy, fit lifestyle and find the right solution to get you on track to better fitness!

The best advice I can give anyone who is thinking about getting fit is to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!


Being fit involves MOVEMENT and ACTIVITY! The human body was designed to move! The biggest risk factor for obesity is LAZINESS and SLOTH!

The movie Wall-E is one of my family’s  favorite movies! Whenever the kids see the ship AXIOM they always say, “Daddy, that’s our business right?” I say, “Yes, that’s the name of our business!”

But my children also wonder why everyone on the AXIOM is obese because they know all of our clients at AXIOM are becoming healthy and fit! Kids are so smart! It is amazing how they can make connections to find understanding. This video clip for some might be funny in nature, but it is a scary reality that the human race is facing. This is what will happen to us if we do not take control of our health!

Being Healthy and Fit is a CHOICE, not a right!




2 Responses to “Train like this for life and sport!”

  1. Brian K said

    I’ve been plugged into Axiom and working out with Luke and John for the past 2 months. It has CHANGED MY LIFE. I am a small business owner in my early 40’s and I am finding now more than ever before that ENERGY is the key to sustaining my business, my family, and my lifestyle. These workouts have given me an extra hour or two of productivity and intentional living every day. I FEEL better and this is driving a higher level of effectiveness in every single area of my life. Do yourself a favor and work with Axiom for a 30 day trial period and experience what I have. Give YOURSELF the GIFT of VITALITY!

  2. playfit said

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    Play Fitness

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